Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden
Great Moon Mother of the world. Bless this space with thy silver light.

Quote of the Week

I am not detachment nor salvation,

Nor anything reached by the senses;

I am behold all thought and form.

I am everywhere, and nowhere at all-

I am Consciousness and Bliss.

I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

- Shankaracharya

Nov 12, 2010

Wicca 6

Hello my honeys!

The two weeks have passed, and I hope you have all had your rest and done the things you were supposed to do, but the show must go on. So here we are again in the reality of doing a little reading.

Let us remember that last class we spoke about deities, the most important aspect of Wicca and any religion, even those who are agnostic (who have a lack of deity). Anywho, two basic beings,

God, Goddess .

Wicca understands their duality, none is more important than the other, even if we grow more attached to the God or Goddess. Because everything consists of it’s balance, life, and our gods are no different.

I mentioned how paganism can be diverse, some people believing in their pantheon and say that there is no other; others believing in one supreme god/goddess who is sexless ageless, but overall is a pile of all the gods and goddesses of the world.

And then, there are those who see two gods, the aspects of female divinity and the masculine aspects. It is up to you to choose what it is you believe in.

Nonetheless, Wicca worships two main deities. Male and Female.

Today we are going to analyze the wonders of our male God.

The God

For ages, he has been called Zeus, Yaveh, Shivah, Odin, Ra; and much mucho more.

He is the father, the son, and the magus. He is ever- knowing, ever flowing. He is the perfect representation of the masculine within each man, and the masculine within each woman. In Wicca he is known as “The Horned God”. He is associated with hunting, virility and strength. Those who look for him will find that he is not easy to approach, rather he accepts those who are worthy of his grace.

He is represented as a stag, and so Wiccans normally use the God Pan, or Cernunnos, as patron Gods. Of course this is all up to you.

He is also the consort of the Goddess, and together they form the perfect duality, The One.

We see the God in the Sun, all animal life, forests, mountains and sex. He is the creator father of everything, and so he is throughout the spring blossoms, the harvests, and the dying year.

But most importantly the God is that need for reproduction, the cycle that must continue.


The Knife

The Sword

The Stag


Among many others

The God is virility, frivolous lust that must not be a matter of ‘shh’ (silence) in wiccans. We speak of sex as a part of nature, immune to all our senses, if not for it we could not be, neither could life. Sex is the spark of life, creation. It is the pleasure of every smile, it creates a state of divinity, sacred, and perpetuate.

The God is fertility, protection, and power. Only the strong find his happy gaze, so if you are to invoke his powers be willing to undergo some tests. He does not give for the sake of giving, but like father cares for his children and watches over them. He is also forgiving as he is also a teacher of life lessons.


This was a brief view of God. I cannot explain the greatness in words, but I can give you ideas.

In order to understand the God of Wicca, invoke the presence of the God Pan with the following chant taken from Scott Cunningham’s Wicca : A Guide for the solitary practitioner.


1- Look for reliable sources on information about the God of Wicca. Learn from the information given and jot down your ideas about him.

2- Prepare a bonding meditation, does not need to be more than 15 minutes.

(Light a Candle that represents Pan to you could be colors red, brown or green; say the following chant, and call to the God with love and learning will in your heart. If you do not have this, do not perform the rite. Look into the fire, and meditate in all Pan represents, and what you wish he can do for your path.)

Horned one of the wilderness,

Winged one of the shinning skies,

Rayed one of the splendorous sun,

Fallen one of the Samhain cries,

I call amidst the standing stones

Praying that you, O great one,

Will deign to bless my mystic rites-

O fiery lord of the blazing sun!

3- After you are done, thank the God for his energy and presence, let the candle burn out in a safe spot.

4- Write down your ideas, questions, concerns, or experiences. Send them to me.

The purpose of this assignment.

Many people use the argument that wiccans do in fact worship Satan in disguise by Pan, this is not so. And we must break away from these thoughts.

This week’s goal, is that you become familiar with the Horned God, after all he is Wicca’s upmost male deity. I begin with him, so that we do not forget that God and Goddess are together, and never alone.

It is very normal to lean towards the Goddess, but doing this, is leaving balance, the balance our Gods believe in and so we must strive to achieve.

Wicca 5

I would like to again give a warm appreciation to you all, who have been as active as you can, and though I cannot really be present to guide you through, I know you are doing your best. In this paragraph I would like to give you a bit of a clarification. This class will not turn you into a Wiccan, as a matter of fact this can bring you as closer to Wicca as any other book. I am not comparing me to the wonderful works of Farrar, or Conway, in no way, but I say this so that you understand, that studying Wicca does not turn you into one; no matter how much books you read, or covens you attend, and parades you participate in; it doesn’t even matter how much information you have been able to retain, this does not mean you are a Wiccan. So then, what does make you a Wiccan? Heart, only that bud that has truly been planted and bursts into bloom, and with the years grows ever so much lovely.

I give basics, and can point out any mistakes you are willing to share, you have all come up to me and asked which is something I love, but remember religion is more than just the outside part, you have to get deeper. Family, school, work, every little aspects of your lives are affected by this decision and learning process, it is good that you have a second opinion on life in itself; I do not wish to meddle into your own business, and I want to make it quite clear, I have done so with other groups in which some where uneasy, and never confided some mundane things unto me; so never feel that I want to be your “trust” buddy. But then those who did share and asked for my “wiccan” advice manage to find an in depth meaning to this path, and all life aspects that it covers; many of them still contact me from time to time searching for a refreshing counsel, I am much honored to see their growth and being considered a good road towards wisdom.

Now, I do not know why I didn’t put this topic first, somehow I feel this should have been the first lesson, just because it is the whole basics of religion. Gods. To me there is no religion without one; be it whoever it is, and Wicca is not the exception.

To understand Wicca you must absolutely understand its deities, Wicca is a dual religion, and this means that unlike modern religions, our gods are aspects of both feminine and masculinity. Some time ago dual/ity was one of your vocab words, and this is something every Wiccan must know. Paganism understands a concept of duality as infinite and unique. Goddess has become the main focus in mayor feminist pagan groups, it is critical to understand that neither Goddess nor God is more important than the other. We all have the right to worship as we may, but we must acknowledge that Goddess cannot be without God, or God without Goddess, neither is second nor third and this should not be in our lives of worship if we aim for duality and balance.

So Wicca Worships two main deities:



So when does the multi-deity situation come up?

As you well know, pagans are defined as polytheistic, which means that we have “many” Gods, though to many this might be true, to others this is false. We well described that paganism is a religion that honored, and worshiped the earth and its many manifestations, when someone comes up to you and says pagans are those who worship many Gods, you must correct this person, and let them understand the proper definition. No, not all pagans believe in many Gods, while some worship God and Goddess, others worship a pantheon, or Goddess alone, or any other Gods, and yet others only worship the One.

New Age philosophy is the “genre” to put it in words, in which neo-paganism falls in. Wicca as you must be already aware of is a neo pagan religion. Many people state that it is an ancient religion with ancient beliefs, though there is some remote truth in this statement, it is mostly false. Remember the real Wicca comes into being in the 50-60’s with Gardner, and Wicca is a religious adaption to the modern world, with many sets of theories ranging from Thelemites, to even Masonery. Now I will focus on this later on, it is not meant to be a barrier between learning and you.

Now that we see that not every pagan worships “many” gods, this is the normal categorization within the pagan community. All Goddesses and representations of an ultimate female power; if there is an absolute female power, it is referred to as creatorix, and/or mother; as a result, goddesses like Hecat, Isis, and Atabey who are all from different cultures are all manifestations of the same Female energy. And so the same applies to male Gods, Zeus, Thor and Ra, can be seen as different aspects of one ultimate Male Power.

I hope this is not too complicated to understand; as a result most pagans believe that no matter the name, we are all worshiping the same ultimate force, or The ONE, only that we are using different names.

The One can be explained as the combination of both female ultimate, and male ultimate, in a merge that gives you the absolute Energy force, or High Power.

Nevertheless, there are those who choose to believe that there are different lone entities, that guide the people who choose them.

Wicca like I have discussed many times before, has turned into a laughing matter, with so much liberty people have gone to calling themselves Satanic Wiccans, to Christian Wiccans. Everything must be done in an orderly and logical manner, if it is true that Wicca permits a certain freedom of choosing deities, one must also be wise about it. If I am a Wiccan who believe in reincarnation, practices pleasure (sex, and many other happy joys), and does magic, how in the name of whoever, can I be a Christian!? We have to put some sense into everything. So then I can be a Satanist because Wicca lets me choose a deity, and then not even understand the very religious structure of Satanism? Logic, and order above all. Do not get me wrong, you are free to choose your path, but if you do choose to be a Christian, or Satanist, take Wicca out of it. It is not to be a merry go round a la cart, buffet ride! Bring respect to your religion above everything else, and yourself, do not be a fool. With this said, I think I have made my point.

Not turning Wicca into a crazy serve yourself, can sometimes be a tough trip, especially when deities are concerned. To choose deities simply look at what you believe in, like I have said before to many people, you can’t choose out of the blue, as time passes you will see who is more familiar to you, and who makes you feel more comfortable.

Remember to keep balance and peace. Do not mix Hades, with Isis for example; try to be organized and clear. This does not mean that you should not worship Gods from other pantheons, you can, but be careful study them. Why can’t you have a great bond with Athena and Poseidon at the same time? They hate each other, so keep the peace, and be careful!

I will not give you a list of deities, I will post a link that can be useful, this journey is yours. But here are some hints:

1-Ancestry (use Gods your bloodline can be familiar with, if you are Greek by lineage these Gods will probably be good to call on; if you are African American, this would be the perfect blood line to investigate).

2- Place of Birth (Call upon sacred deities from where you were born).

3- Where you live (Each place has a religious history, maybe Romans had conquered some hundreds of years ago? Or maybe there are native ruins?)

4-Do your research (You will be adopting something new and foreign, so read, do not just pick Mayan because they are “cool”, be more spiritual, read their myths and stories, and see who calls to you).


Take your time to look at the lists bellow, choose deities that call out. Write a short “essay” 500 words, telling me who they are and why they call to you. Do not feel pressured take your time to research family history, or in depth information on each Goddess and Gods.












Popol Vuh



# Promised List of Deities


I exhort you to do your own research, I have given quick eye over these pages, there may be inaccurate, but I have not focused on these pages, or read them, nevertheless, I do not want to make your life's hard, so a facilitate some information, good luck!

Wicca 4

IV. What Wicca is NOT

I do hope you have been doing the assignments as asked, bu then again you are responsible for your actions; just remember what you decide in the beginnings can mark your success in a not so easy path.

This lesson will be short, as promised to give you all some more time to get in tune with your new found chakra's, I have not received all of your experiences, but I know you are getting the hang of it from what I have read. Remember to take it easy and slow, change doesn't happen just like that, keep up the good work.

In the study of basic Wicca there are many misconceptions, many misunderstandings, even amongst yourselves there is allot of mud holes, as you learn more about this religion, you get caught in confusion.

For a minute let us leave the chakras and read this mini lesson attentively; I have described in my words what Wicca is. And yet I have not, to me Wicca is an indescribable bunch of sights, beliefs, and mixed emotions. I can say no wrong from it, and less good. Saddly, the same cannot be said about the ignorant media out there. When they ask what Wicca is, they do not see the beautiful sight I see, nor understand the position of my thoughts.

As a matter of fact, most of the people that ask, have either no idea what this is, or have a wrong understanding of the dogma. So I stress out the importance for Wiccans not just to build up their own definitions of how sublime their religion is, but it is important to point out what Wicca is NOT.

After having read this, I want you to post a comment with absolutely everything Wicca is not, and if you miss something and remember tomorrow you may repost, and post and post. Even if your other class mate has posted the same thing. I just want to know what it is not, to see what you have understood from me, and the other sources you use to further your growth.

As a result I also expect that this easy lesson be compensated by your interaction, posting, and review on the other classes that we have given. Review vocab, and lessons, any questions feel free to ask. I will tell you there will be a questionaire "quiz" coming soon. How? Oh, you'll see. ;)

Wicca 3

III, Quick Chakra Tutorial

Chakras, although not originally taught in Basic Wicca, are a very useful tool found within our bodies that can help us achieve a better state of spirituality, and so I include them, This is why:
-An understanding of them, will help you know yourself and your body.
-You will be able to have a better control of your body, mind,
-You will become familiar with power spots of your body, that you use every day. And that will serve you as guides in magickal and spiritual workings.
-It will facilitate grounding, centering and meditation, amongst other things.

The body has seven major chakras: Chakras are psychic centers of the body, they are a link and energy transformer.
They are able to change pure energy into different forms, thus connecting our whole body (like a sistem of intertwinning roads).

Scientifically speaking, these sites are located along the nerves of our body.

"Chakra Locations"

I had priorly asked you to draw the human body, and the chakra sites, here is why.

1st Root Chakra-

Located at the base of the spine, related to the element of earth, it's function is survival and grounding, and providing a sense of wellness and stability. It is a bright shade of red.

For grounding, focusing, and centering, chant "oown" to reach attunement.

2nd Sacral Chakra-

Located just behind the genital area, or genitals. Dominated by the water element, governing sex activity, urges and desires (no kidding!), Related to psychic taste, normally depicted in a clear orange shade.

Chant: OWN

3rd Solar Plexus-

Located at the naval (umbilicus/ belly button -.-), governs personal power, self esteem, extasis, and material desire. Corresponds to emotions and the element of fire, and psychic sight or clairvoyance. Its color is bright yellow.
Chant: Acun

4th Heart Chakra-

Located over the heart, corresponding to psychic touch, some call this spot "the sacred heart". The true source of senses and pain, linked with the ability of love giving and receiving. Can be pictured as bright pink or green (at times both).

Chant: Ah

5th Throat Chakra-

Located at the base of the throat, corresponding to psychic hearing (clairaudience). Connected with the heart chakra, concerning planetary connexions. Peace, universal love, and compassion; truth and communication. Addictive substances interfere with the opening of this chakra . Light shade of blue.

Chant: elun

6th Third Eye-

Between the eyebrows, it seats all creativity, visualization capabilities, and is the center of psychic powers. Meditation on this chakra can help cure nervousness. Transparent indigo blue color.
Chant: eem

7th Crown Chakra-

Located at the top of the head, corresponds to astral projection , cosmic conscience, spiritual centers, enlightenment. Violet or white color.

(numbering from head to toes) Label Chakras in your picture. (When you have done so notify me, so I am sure you have not been skipping over the class).

2.Third Eye
5.Solar Plexus

I hope any questions or misconceptions can be clarified, just reply to the post of message me privately, I would like a good debate because this topic is important, I wouldn't like to see any one left behind.

I hope now you see why it is important to know chakras. Later on you will see it mentioned in many things like meditations, cleansings, even readings!
Many of you have psychic abilities, when you cast a spell you will see that focusing on a specific chakras will give you a magickal boost.

Clairvoyants can open their Solar Plex to strenghten their intuitions, the list goes on, there is just that much you can do, and so much more.

Understanding that energy is everywhere and in everything. It cannot be created or destroyed, just passed on. This knowledge will make you more aware of your surroundings.

Why does our stomach fire up when we feel jealous? Why does visualizing take place in the Third Eye?

Chakras, energy, our body is full of it. When we are angry, sad, happy. When we touch someone or something.

Being able to understand these energies is one of the major lessons of Wicca. It will only make your magick true, and further your understanding of life.

Remember from now on, recognize the energies.


Memorize (practice) the locations of the seven most used chakras. I did not mention this before, but there are other chakra sub levels you might call them like this; examples of such are your palms; you will discover them later on in your practice, for now learn these main one's.

Meditate, simply close your eyes, sit in your meditating position, simply think. Think/ meditate only about each of these power spots, and how you use, and feel them in life. Think about the powers they will grant you when you work your magick. Become familiar with them, know yourself, open your spots and discover a feeling unlike you have felt before, this is your first step in opening up your forgotten chakras. Use the chants provided to open them, if you can't feel anything, perfect; practice makes perfect.

This week you will dedicate AT LEAST, 5 minutes of meditation time to a chakra. There are seven days, and seven Chakras ahead of you.

1. In your hoard, you will label your chakras drawing, writting down the chakra name and characteristics. After each meditation record your experience, and you will share them with me.

Wicca 2

What Wicca can Teach us. (You).

Now we are beginning the path of the wiccae, this means you are embracing new knowledge.

The following are other basic characteristics, to which you must become familiar with in order to be wiccan. These are some of the things Wicca teaches, it is some of the things you will deal with and experience in your practice, and will partake in many of your beliefs.

-Achieving a State of ritual consciousness by the use of some of the following tools:









You will find yourself using not just one, but mainly all of these tools in a pagan religion. Later on you will learn the importance all of the above hold in ritual life, magick, and day to day pagan living. All of the mentioned are achieved with the utilization and help of this list.

Wicca teaches, that nature includes a large spectrum of mental and spiritual states, that many of us ignore are real, and existent.

When performing an effective wiccan ritual we slip into these states allowing communication with Goddess, and God.

As a wiccan you will learn that knowledge is a very important part of our spiritual and physical life; wicca is the search of knowledge and understanding in the sactred (nature, and it's many manifestations).

-Expanding Your Knowledge.

1.Knowledge is power

2.Understand the Universe

3.Understand our place within everything



Because Wicca is such a personal religion many people are able to practice beliefs and express them in different form; this is the reason why wicca is so diverse, and does not have a specific way for each of it's devotees. Nevertheless, though wicca is free, there is a list of wiccan common beliefs, that are characteristic, and unbendable (one might say) to it's practices, and to which all practitioners adhere. Every Wiccan must know these, because they will become your mind as a wiccan.

1.Recognizes Deity as dual

2.Physical World is one of many other real ones (other planes).

3.Embraces the doctrine of reencarnation (or a Summerland/ not every wiccan believes in this, but they do not believe in an eternal condemnation or hell).

4."Do what you want, as long as you harm none" (we will have a whole one class about this one sentence).

5.Preserving and Bettering the world.

6.The Sacredness and honor of Nature.

7.View magic as natural and not supernatural. (Wiccans don't believe in the supernatural, because everything exists in nature, thus there cannot be something over the top, they are all natural manifestations).

8.Do not believe in Predestination.

9.Don't believe in ultimate evil, or Satan. (Wiccans acknowledge duality, this means that all dieties, have their good and bad sides, but unlike many popular religions, pagans, do not repremend this, but look at it as a natural and good quality; there is no evil being that causes people to sin, in wicca there is NO sin, wicca does not believe in Satan or the Devil).

10.Free Will (everyone is free to do what they want)

11. Wicca does not seek new members (this means, zero looking for people. Christianity (as an example) seeks for new people, wicca does not, because we understand not everyone is fit to follow wicca, just as not everyone is fit to follow christianity; wicca as a religion is not looking for followers, it just expects it's people to grow).

You will find out, later on, that the variety of Wiccan branches have a set of beliefs appart from the one's I mentioned above. As a matter of fact, many surpass the list above. Everything here is pure Wicca, the rest is optional.

There are so many other things Wicca can teach you, these are just some to get you properly acquainted. When you begin to practice on your own, you will see what wicca can and will teach you, everyone has similar and different experiences.

1. Copy the key points, and any other words, that you didn't understand or you found most appealing to you. (Yes I know copying is a lot of work, but remember in the long run it will pay-off. The notes in your hoard will serve as future and present guides, through your studies.


Though many people would not include this in beginner's Wicca, I will, because I would have liked to have understood the following, when I was learning.

2.In your magick hoard (journal), you will draw a human body and it's chakras. Many images will pop up in Google (I reckon you'll be looking it up there), yes you can copy, please do not print it (save a tree); label them, but do not fill any information on each one. Chakras will be touched next week in class. During this week learn the position of each chakra using your body as a reference, do not do this and you will certainly fall behind. You will see how helpful this will be in your wiccan life.

3.Vocabulary (define the following words).







Hot Cocoa Reading

Many of us have read, heard, or perform, tea readings...

So not everyone likes tea, or coffee. What about hot chocolate? Have you ever noticed chunks of black chocolate pile up in the bottom of your cup?
You can also do readings with these.
Neo-Paganism is all about adaptation of the old with the new. Use the same symbolism as you would with tea leaves or, coffee residues.

Heads up, you have to drink the chocolate to the bottom, and leave the dark part.

Have fun!

Sep 3, 2010

Understanding World Religions

There is a wide concept concerning religiousness, culture, ideologies, people surrounding every background, some how in my studies I have used the concept of understanding world religions as a method to further my spiritual growth.
Might I remind you, that paganism is not about close minded people who wish to discriminate, and remain in the same position. Like I have spoken before, we must acknowledge the existence and sustainability of those religions around us. It is by understanding different religions that we not only grow in wisdom, but we grow in divinity.
Curiously enough, many of you are excited about the mere mention of having to study Babylonian deities, or those of the different North American Indian tribes; as a matter of fact these are many interesting branches to study. But let us not forget our "most practiced" friends from the east. Islam, Judaism, Christianity.
I have met many people, who are willing to embrace the concept of Taoism, and the mandalas within both Tibetan and Hindu beliefs, but when it comes to acknowledging the sacred text of Hebrew, and middle eastern tribes, then we hold shut to any mention of the situation.
Let me remind you, that religion should not be a competition, there is a real bond that links The All, with every man known religion. The All is the he/she , the matrix of all. The root of the Vedas and the Bible. Every single religious text has been changed into man made ideologies, that change over time, or interests, but do they not preach similar rules?

-Christianity does not accept other religions- is a very heard of excuse, but do we not become like them when we refuse to recognize their position within divinity? Studying world religions is about looking for the good and the bad, seeing the noticeable links, like the Golden Rule.

As we grow in religious knowledge we begin to understand the All in its many facets, in its feminine and masculine, in its history of change, and the matriarchy that once was.

It must be our main goal, not to boast our Pagan Pride, but our Matrix Pride, that we are in the path to divinity, as are many of use from different sects, and groups. It is all about looking with love for the Gods.

Aug 24, 2010

The Tolerance Of Paganism

Some weeks ago I finished reading passage from a book called, "The Tolerance of Hinduism"; it explained how the religion does not fear any other, and accepts as unique and divine even those who oppose them. Only the weak try to impose their religious views, in the end, divinity is divinity, not by name, not by culture, but by nature.

Us pagans and wiccans, always try to believe in the truth of tolerance that is taught within our principles. But, I think we forget. Why do we argue with the rest, but not silence and let those who waste their breath waste it? Why hate the mere mention of Christ? The resentment that has grown within most of us, has lead us to believe that we are tolerant but not "christian tolerant".

I cannot but mention the times I have seen a bash after the other, of the Christian faith. And the facts may be so, but we must overcome this. Those who think they are victims remain victims. It is time my brothers and sisters, that we look deep inside, deep inside to understand that not everyone is free of thought. How is it that you say, not everyone is free of thought? Don't we all have free will?

Yes indeed, but let me explain; a heard of sheep's has the ability to think and be free, but do they think? Are they free? And so people, are overwhelmed by a system that surrounds every aspect of their lives; will they differ? After all things have always been this way.

So if we think, let us not become like them who bawl at the mere sight of change.

Let peace and Tolerance reign supreme, so we can demonstrate we are not a bunch of rebellious lunatics, we are not afraid, we are peaceful, as the Goddess loves, so let us love back. It is hard, hard indeed.

Jul 16, 2010

A Tale of Fortitude and Survival

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously
for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do.

Finally he decided the animal was old and the well needed to be covered up
anyway, it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey. He invited all his
neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to
shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and
cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement, he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well and was
astonished at what he saw. With every shovel of dirt that hit his back, the
donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up on
the dirt. As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the
animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was
amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and trotted off!

And the moral is....
Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting
out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a
stepping stone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never
giving up! Shake it off and take a step up!
  Remember the Gods help he who helps himself. Strive!

Jun 7, 2010

Wiccan/ Pagan Terms and Definition 3

wand- a rod or staff that is prepared so that it may be used for magickal and spiritual purposes.

warlock- a term coined in the Burning Times . It was used to denote a traitor to the Craft, or one who had betrayed the followers of the Old Religion. It's origin is Scottish. Because of the negative connotations, it is not used by most Wiccans today.

invocation- The ritual "calling-in" of an entity (or energies) higher than human, either for communication with the caller through a medium or by visible manifestation or else to enter into a human body as in the Drawing Down the Moon. In some traditions, a Prayer.

lammas- August 1st. Witch Festival. The Old Celtic name for this festival is Lughnassadh. It is the Festival of the First Fruits, and is the first of the 3 harvests. This festival also marks the change of the Threefold Goddess energies from that of Mother to Crone.

maiden- An appointment held by one of the women of the coven. She is virtually the assistant High Priestess. This term is also the descriptive term used to describe the first of the aspects of the Threefold Goddess Energies (Maiden, Mother, and Crone). It is traditionally associated with the Waxing Moon, and the period from Imbolc (Candlemas) to Beltane (May eve) where the energies are those of initiating, beginning, and creation.

old religion- another name for the Craft.

paganing/ wiccaning- Presentation of an infant to the Circle and to the Gods.

pentacle- a disc shaped talisman; in particular, the metal disc which represents the earth element among the witch's working tools.

pentagram- The five-pointed star. With a single point uppermost, it represents the human being. Inverted, with two points uppermost, it can have Satanist associations; but not necessarily. Some traditions of Wicca use the inverted pentagram to signify an initiate of the second degree.

quarters- The North, East, South, and West parts of a magickal circle or other ritual area. (See also "Watchtowers")

rede- rule or law.

sabbath- one of the Eight festivals or high holy days of Wicca.

salamander- an entity that dwells in the realm of Fire.

samhain- The festival of remembrance for the dead, held on the eve of Nov. 1st. It is the last of the three harvests. This festival also marks the transition of rulership of the "Wheel of the Year from that of the Goddess to that of the God.

scrying- divination, usually using such methods as crystal gazing, or divination via incense smoke, or water as opposed to tarot or other manipulative means.

spell- a prayer, or verbal direction of magickal energies toward the accomplishment of some goal.

summoner- The male officer of the coven who corresponds to the Maiden. He is the assistant High Priest.

sylph- an "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane of Air or is associated with the AIR Element.

tradition- any of the various "sects" of Wicca such as Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Georgian, Seax, etc.

undine- an "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane of Water or is associated with the WATER Element.

Jun 3, 2010

More Wicca/Pagan Terms and Definitions 2

Sacred-worthy veneration. Could be for a deity, in our case, also nature.

Role Playing- A common use in rituals to act out certain ceremonial scenes.

Seer- A person that can see what is hidden, diviner.

Subjective- reality as a perception, and not a mandatory law.

Sutra- Book, or collection of sayings, scripts.

Symbol- a sign with a meaning.

Altar- a spot used solely for magickal or religious purposes.

Wicca- neo-pagan religion, that represents the worship, love for life and nature; and the ancient deities of paganism.

Bane- a negative force or energy.

Besom- term used to name a witch's sacred broom used for cleansing, and purifying a sacred space, or altar.

Magick Hoard- a collection of notes, and writings that can form a book.

Book of Shadows- Witch's book where all magickal dates, aspects, formulas, thoughts and spells are described, and dated.

Magician- a person that performs magick tricks.

Mague- sophisticated word, for people who perform higher forms, of magick, such as ceremonial.

Witch- a person attuned to nature, who uses it's energies to create a desired change.

Invocation- Calling forth.

Wiccan/ Pagan Terms and Definition 1

Energy- force within ourselves, and everything.

Familiar- animal ally that helps you in spell work.

Chakras-seven energy points of your body that form a road that connects them. So if one is closed, you cannot use the others appropriately.

Duality- The double form or force that is in everything. No good without bad, no Godess without God. No male without female, etc.

Deity- a God or Goddess.

Neo-Pagan- the pagan movement that has emerged to reconstruct pagan beliefs, applying them to modern life, such as Wicca.

Meditation- The act of relaxing the body and reflecting, using different forms such as silence, mantras, etc.

Reincarnation- religious belief, in which the soul is reborn in flesh many times in order to reach ultimate wisdom.

Sigil- a sign or symbol used in magical practices.

Magick- pagans and most magues write magic with a "k" to differentiate true occult work, with fake one.

SpellCrafting/ Magick- the condition of creating a wanted or effect change.

Skyclad- act of performing magick, or rituals in the nude.

Warlock- is not a pagan or witch term to name a boy male, it means traitor, and is never to be used.

Apr 17, 2010

Wicca 1

I. First Philosophy

In order to understand why the first phase is called, FIRST PHILOSOPHY, you have to understand what a philosophy is;

The science that deals with the essence, characteristics, causes and effects of things.

A perfect word to use for your first class, because it is exactly the essence of Wicca on an external level, its essence lies purely on your individual practice and experience, you will understand when you further you knowledge.

- Wicca is a religion, it is a way of life, it is a way of thought, it is many things, and everything to others.
- Any body from any social class, sex, age, ethnic group, size, etc; can be wiccan.


Wicca is a neo- pagan religion, it includes in its belief the practice of magick, the honour and exaltation of nature, its energies, all living things and deities.


One of the most basic beliefs of Wicca and Paganism, is that life IS sacred. Thus we must and Do respect everything that exists.
-Rocks, Earth
-Insects, Animals
-Plants, Water, Winds
-Everything form the skies to the planets (just to name a few)

To begin your training you must learn and understand the natural cycles of the land, and the magick that lies within them. Because all is in itself a magickal manifestation, and this is something you must truly breathe in and believe as a wiccan.

Excersice .

Though this class might not be what you expected, time is the important nurture of learning. If you were expecting to be casting from day one, then probably you should rethink your position as a learner wiccae, are you really into wicca or spellcrafting?

-Make a summary of this section in your magick hoard (notebook), include anything that caught your attention, even if you already knew it, copy.

-For this week you will go outside, preferably to a nature spot, but if this is not possible, a backyard maybe? You are entering a new stage in your life, you are gaining new knowledge.

Respectfully enter the natural surroundings, stop and look around, become aware of everything, admire. The green life of the trees, the breathing of the soil on your feet, the birds, everything. Feel the energy, feel different, feel the power, and magick around you.

1-Write on your hoard what you felt when you first entered the Earth with this new perspective in mind.

Each day you will introduce yourself to the Natural World, as a seeker of the ancient knowledge of Wicca.

You can say something like this;

Nature, trees, wind, and skies. Woodlin creatures that roam nearby. Ancient powers I recognize your existence, I--------- am here with you asking for your blessing in natures way. Fill me with your energies , fill me with willingness to learn. Beautiful earth, help me be one and understand you.


(On your own, in google books, or pagan sites, you will write the found definitionsof the words below.










Apr 8, 2010

Todays Devotional- To Spring a God and Goddess

It seems like I have been having a busy week, dont know how many of you readers feel the same way, again the issue of time, and struggling to survive in this bloodthirsty work world. Maybe it doesnt seem like much, but while I was at work on the computer, I decided to recite a cute little chant. And allas, here I am, to inspire those who think they really dont have the time.

Spring, what newly breeds you bring forth?
Against the frosty remaining days
Dear God your youth doth show
To me the Goddess sings, dual the glow.

Think about it...I felt my concience pleased.

Apr 5, 2010

Wicca is Hip?

So, many true wiccans have seen this phenomenon occuring, somehow wicca is a popular trend, so my question is, who, what, when, where, why, how?

I dont know if many of you would agree with me, but something has to be done to promote the seriousness of our religion, and stop the mob of fashion statement followers. I feel sad when I see so many teenagers, who have literally no idea why, they are wiccan.

-Yeah Wicca is cool, you can do magic, and stuff-....So, thats it, magic is this all that calls to you? Slowly the foundations are being broken into mockery. And to hearing people say -WICCA IS IN-. So that means it will be out?

I am worried, for the reputation of the true, and of our loving ways, I know this is not fashion, or modernity.

So when did this obsurd craze begin. Somehow I analyze that its within the rebellions to look for an out to their taught traditions, but is Wicca really rebellion? It is being portrayed as such, the movement of rebelling goths, and emos, the belief of loonies.
I just hope that the wicca fever shortens, because I do not like the term -Hip, In- Wicca is not a fashion statement, it is not a crazy rebellious movement that has become popular amongst the rioting teens.

Wicca is serious, wicca is love, and peace, and yes it is gaining popularity, but should not be compared, as -In-, clothes are IN and OUT.

Personally I do not like the fake advertisement given to the religion, It makes us look as pathetic followers of a trend that somehow will soon end.

Wicca is so much more than a style, a religion is not a style. It is a doctrine, a guideline, for life, for thought.

Mar 25, 2010

Wicca 1.0

These are a series of lessons that I will post. I first began real serious teaching, when I joined various pagan websites, and found astonishment in the lack of knowledge most pagans have about, well, everything. And then, there were those who knew a bit, and those few who surpassed my own knowledge.

I am no know it all, but I am very strict when it comes religion.

Paganism is free as can be, but it also has its set of order, this is dedicated to my first big class, now I will have no difficulty getting the classes posted on time. I really enjoy being your guide, and how comfortable many of you have gotten with me. A special warm salute to you all.

All lessons will be posted by March 29th,2010. After you have joined, you can post your comments and concerns. I really hope this makes learning life easier for all of us. I am sorry class has been running slow, you cannot rush religion, but still, we have lessons to accomplish.

The class due date will be assigned when you contact me.

To all the wisdom of the Gods.

What you will find here.

I assure you there are no explicit adult content here, though, I understand fully, that all the contents will be read by adult minds. Please do not waste your time sending negative feedback, or posting insults about paganism, and the difference of religion chosen by other people.

This is a learning blog, all the information here can be both subjective, and not subjective.

Those interested in becoming active members of this blog can freely join, those who also wish to be active students can also join. I am not looking for followers, paganism does not do such things, but I will not deny the freedom of rightfully educating misconceptions.

In this page you will find:

Debates and Essays about Controversial topics
Astrological work
And much more