Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden
Great Moon Mother of the world. Bless this space with thy silver light.

Quote of the Week

I am not detachment nor salvation,

Nor anything reached by the senses;

I am behold all thought and form.

I am everywhere, and nowhere at all-

I am Consciousness and Bliss.

I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

- Shankaracharya

Jun 7, 2010

Wiccan/ Pagan Terms and Definition 3

wand- a rod or staff that is prepared so that it may be used for magickal and spiritual purposes.

warlock- a term coined in the Burning Times . It was used to denote a traitor to the Craft, or one who had betrayed the followers of the Old Religion. It's origin is Scottish. Because of the negative connotations, it is not used by most Wiccans today.

invocation- The ritual "calling-in" of an entity (or energies) higher than human, either for communication with the caller through a medium or by visible manifestation or else to enter into a human body as in the Drawing Down the Moon. In some traditions, a Prayer.

lammas- August 1st. Witch Festival. The Old Celtic name for this festival is Lughnassadh. It is the Festival of the First Fruits, and is the first of the 3 harvests. This festival also marks the change of the Threefold Goddess energies from that of Mother to Crone.

maiden- An appointment held by one of the women of the coven. She is virtually the assistant High Priestess. This term is also the descriptive term used to describe the first of the aspects of the Threefold Goddess Energies (Maiden, Mother, and Crone). It is traditionally associated with the Waxing Moon, and the period from Imbolc (Candlemas) to Beltane (May eve) where the energies are those of initiating, beginning, and creation.

old religion- another name for the Craft.

paganing/ wiccaning- Presentation of an infant to the Circle and to the Gods.

pentacle- a disc shaped talisman; in particular, the metal disc which represents the earth element among the witch's working tools.

pentagram- The five-pointed star. With a single point uppermost, it represents the human being. Inverted, with two points uppermost, it can have Satanist associations; but not necessarily. Some traditions of Wicca use the inverted pentagram to signify an initiate of the second degree.

quarters- The North, East, South, and West parts of a magickal circle or other ritual area. (See also "Watchtowers")

rede- rule or law.

sabbath- one of the Eight festivals or high holy days of Wicca.

salamander- an entity that dwells in the realm of Fire.

samhain- The festival of remembrance for the dead, held on the eve of Nov. 1st. It is the last of the three harvests. This festival also marks the transition of rulership of the "Wheel of the Year from that of the Goddess to that of the God.

scrying- divination, usually using such methods as crystal gazing, or divination via incense smoke, or water as opposed to tarot or other manipulative means.

spell- a prayer, or verbal direction of magickal energies toward the accomplishment of some goal.

summoner- The male officer of the coven who corresponds to the Maiden. He is the assistant High Priest.

sylph- an "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane of Air or is associated with the AIR Element.

tradition- any of the various "sects" of Wicca such as Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Georgian, Seax, etc.

undine- an "entity" or "elemental" that dwells in the plane of Water or is associated with the WATER Element.

Jun 3, 2010

More Wicca/Pagan Terms and Definitions 2

Sacred-worthy veneration. Could be for a deity, in our case, also nature.

Role Playing- A common use in rituals to act out certain ceremonial scenes.

Seer- A person that can see what is hidden, diviner.

Subjective- reality as a perception, and not a mandatory law.

Sutra- Book, or collection of sayings, scripts.

Symbol- a sign with a meaning.

Altar- a spot used solely for magickal or religious purposes.

Wicca- neo-pagan religion, that represents the worship, love for life and nature; and the ancient deities of paganism.

Bane- a negative force or energy.

Besom- term used to name a witch's sacred broom used for cleansing, and purifying a sacred space, or altar.

Magick Hoard- a collection of notes, and writings that can form a book.

Book of Shadows- Witch's book where all magickal dates, aspects, formulas, thoughts and spells are described, and dated.

Magician- a person that performs magick tricks.

Mague- sophisticated word, for people who perform higher forms, of magick, such as ceremonial.

Witch- a person attuned to nature, who uses it's energies to create a desired change.

Invocation- Calling forth.

Wiccan/ Pagan Terms and Definition 1

Energy- force within ourselves, and everything.

Familiar- animal ally that helps you in spell work.

Chakras-seven energy points of your body that form a road that connects them. So if one is closed, you cannot use the others appropriately.

Duality- The double form or force that is in everything. No good without bad, no Godess without God. No male without female, etc.

Deity- a God or Goddess.

Neo-Pagan- the pagan movement that has emerged to reconstruct pagan beliefs, applying them to modern life, such as Wicca.

Meditation- The act of relaxing the body and reflecting, using different forms such as silence, mantras, etc.

Reincarnation- religious belief, in which the soul is reborn in flesh many times in order to reach ultimate wisdom.

Sigil- a sign or symbol used in magical practices.

Magick- pagans and most magues write magic with a "k" to differentiate true occult work, with fake one.

SpellCrafting/ Magick- the condition of creating a wanted or effect change.

Skyclad- act of performing magick, or rituals in the nude.

Warlock- is not a pagan or witch term to name a boy male, it means traitor, and is never to be used.