Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden
Great Moon Mother of the world. Bless this space with thy silver light.

Quote of the Week

I am not detachment nor salvation,

Nor anything reached by the senses;

I am behold all thought and form.

I am everywhere, and nowhere at all-

I am Consciousness and Bliss.

I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

- Shankaracharya

Apr 17, 2010

Wicca 1

I. First Philosophy

In order to understand why the first phase is called, FIRST PHILOSOPHY, you have to understand what a philosophy is;

The science that deals with the essence, characteristics, causes and effects of things.

A perfect word to use for your first class, because it is exactly the essence of Wicca on an external level, its essence lies purely on your individual practice and experience, you will understand when you further you knowledge.

- Wicca is a religion, it is a way of life, it is a way of thought, it is many things, and everything to others.
- Any body from any social class, sex, age, ethnic group, size, etc; can be wiccan.


Wicca is a neo- pagan religion, it includes in its belief the practice of magick, the honour and exaltation of nature, its energies, all living things and deities.


One of the most basic beliefs of Wicca and Paganism, is that life IS sacred. Thus we must and Do respect everything that exists.
-Rocks, Earth
-Insects, Animals
-Plants, Water, Winds
-Everything form the skies to the planets (just to name a few)

To begin your training you must learn and understand the natural cycles of the land, and the magick that lies within them. Because all is in itself a magickal manifestation, and this is something you must truly breathe in and believe as a wiccan.

Excersice .

Though this class might not be what you expected, time is the important nurture of learning. If you were expecting to be casting from day one, then probably you should rethink your position as a learner wiccae, are you really into wicca or spellcrafting?

-Make a summary of this section in your magick hoard (notebook), include anything that caught your attention, even if you already knew it, copy.

-For this week you will go outside, preferably to a nature spot, but if this is not possible, a backyard maybe? You are entering a new stage in your life, you are gaining new knowledge.

Respectfully enter the natural surroundings, stop and look around, become aware of everything, admire. The green life of the trees, the breathing of the soil on your feet, the birds, everything. Feel the energy, feel different, feel the power, and magick around you.

1-Write on your hoard what you felt when you first entered the Earth with this new perspective in mind.

Each day you will introduce yourself to the Natural World, as a seeker of the ancient knowledge of Wicca.

You can say something like this;

Nature, trees, wind, and skies. Woodlin creatures that roam nearby. Ancient powers I recognize your existence, I--------- am here with you asking for your blessing in natures way. Fill me with your energies , fill me with willingness to learn. Beautiful earth, help me be one and understand you.


(On your own, in google books, or pagan sites, you will write the found definitionsof the words below.










Apr 8, 2010

Todays Devotional- To Spring a God and Goddess

It seems like I have been having a busy week, dont know how many of you readers feel the same way, again the issue of time, and struggling to survive in this bloodthirsty work world. Maybe it doesnt seem like much, but while I was at work on the computer, I decided to recite a cute little chant. And allas, here I am, to inspire those who think they really dont have the time.

Spring, what newly breeds you bring forth?
Against the frosty remaining days
Dear God your youth doth show
To me the Goddess sings, dual the glow.

Think about it...I felt my concience pleased.

Apr 5, 2010

Wicca is Hip?

So, many true wiccans have seen this phenomenon occuring, somehow wicca is a popular trend, so my question is, who, what, when, where, why, how?

I dont know if many of you would agree with me, but something has to be done to promote the seriousness of our religion, and stop the mob of fashion statement followers. I feel sad when I see so many teenagers, who have literally no idea why, they are wiccan.

-Yeah Wicca is cool, you can do magic, and stuff-....So, thats it, magic is this all that calls to you? Slowly the foundations are being broken into mockery. And to hearing people say -WICCA IS IN-. So that means it will be out?

I am worried, for the reputation of the true, and of our loving ways, I know this is not fashion, or modernity.

So when did this obsurd craze begin. Somehow I analyze that its within the rebellions to look for an out to their taught traditions, but is Wicca really rebellion? It is being portrayed as such, the movement of rebelling goths, and emos, the belief of loonies.
I just hope that the wicca fever shortens, because I do not like the term -Hip, In- Wicca is not a fashion statement, it is not a crazy rebellious movement that has become popular amongst the rioting teens.

Wicca is serious, wicca is love, and peace, and yes it is gaining popularity, but should not be compared, as -In-, clothes are IN and OUT.

Personally I do not like the fake advertisement given to the religion, It makes us look as pathetic followers of a trend that somehow will soon end.

Wicca is so much more than a style, a religion is not a style. It is a doctrine, a guideline, for life, for thought.