Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden
Great Moon Mother of the world. Bless this space with thy silver light.

Quote of the Week

I am not detachment nor salvation,

Nor anything reached by the senses;

I am behold all thought and form.

I am everywhere, and nowhere at all-

I am Consciousness and Bliss.

I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

- Shankaracharya

Pagan life for people without time

     What does it mean to be a modern day witch?

       Technology, appliences, every day modern living, and the gasp! You think you just cant do it how it was done in the old days... What does it mean to do it like in the old days? Does this mean one should start plowing a field of corn and start worshipping as the harvest grows? If you did that there wouldnt be time for jobs, would there?
    It has always crossed my mind, the inevitable rush one gets when everything seems to be too tight. When all the work starts piling up, and then you have to decide, modern life, or religion?
    This is a very hard question to answer for some, and a very easy one for others. Some of you might think, yes, religion is first, and others, modern day life job, kids, stress, if you dont worl you dont eat right?

    The important thing here is to cool down, we all have days, weeks and even months, when we start to feel like those popular known weekend-wiccans, or oneday-pagan. You start feeling like somehow your life has interrupted the flow of your spirituality, just because, now you cant spend ours of soothing meditation, or have the time to make that 4-hour broth. You might feel that you are letting your Gods down, maybe even yourself, nature and all the other energies around. You can also start feeling like somehow you are loosing your religion, your beliefs, and are becominga hypocrit. If this is so, my friend, please read this. It is not thatbrief of a read, but I assure you it can breathe inspiring life into the most deppressed of characters.

    I reapeat once more, we all have those days. Maybe there are the ocasional exceptions, you know, the people that live out of paganism, own shops, write books, and maybe dont have such a hectic life style. Then there are those who have four kids and two jobs, others like myself are stuffed with the homework and projecr and studying frenzie that college life gives. It turns out, you want to at least giove five minutes to the Goddess, but, you feel so sick, you cant even stand up. There are tons of other situations that I can describe, the situation that maybe you are in, the circumstance that is taking up the time you used to have, and want to have for spirituality.

First and foremost, STOP! Hesitating, getting stressed about this isnt going to solve the problem. Remember paganism, is not about sitting down and crying it is about taking action. -But S.Moon, I cant, I have soo much work to do. When I get home I have to clean up for the kids, check the homework, and then my spouse, he just wont let me catch a breath, its too much for me-. Too much? Honey, one reality is that, the Gods never give us something we cant handle. Alot of times, we are so caught up in ceremony and a strict way that some how has gotten into our heads, that to be pagan or to have spirituality, you have to spend hours praising in front of an altar, or in meditation, and so many other ways to commune.

   The truth of the fact my dears, is that, this isnt true.  Excuse me, I am not saying that having a proper ritual, performing a long ceremony, meditation, etc, is not good. What I am saying, is that it is not all that necessary to have a good comfortable pagan spirituality, and still make time for your Gods.

   If Wicca, and Paganism can teach people anything, it is that there should be no obstacles, and creativity is so much more a must than a dont. Maybe its not so pretty for the likes of other pagans, who would raise their noses at such ideas, of not having a daily devotional hour, but who ever said this religion prohibited the use of spontaneous, and make-up-your-own form of worship? Those who raise their nose, might just be misinformed about Pagan freedom.


1-Like a Hindu Quote says, -If you have time to walk, you have time to Meditate-. We all have busy lifes, but while we are in the car drinking our coffee, or walking down a crowded street, even at the super market, we have some time to walk. So why not take those minutes to admire the sky above you, or simply think about the gracious figure of your patroness? Think about how they might be able to help you in the day ahead, and ask for their pressence so that they may be present even as you type on you office computer.

2- Do you use a toilet? Comic isnt it? But it is not a joke. You really can use this time to meditate, sing, etc. You are practically half skyclad, trust me, the Gods wont mind the stench, its the intention that counts. But remember, you have to feel it, in order to make it happen.Feeling self concious about the smell, wont help you meditate.

3-Before you go to bed.  One minute thinking about the bounties of the Gods, visualizing a clear moon, and falling asleep under its silver shines, what kind of ceremony can be more complete than falling asleep under the protective enchantment of the Moon?

4-When you cook, you can add magickal intent. Need to make it fast? Its in your thoughts, thank the Gods, its as quick as that.

5-Take baths by any chance?  You dont need to have a large tub filled with salts and oils, infact you dont even need a shower if that is your case. Takign a bath before you go to work, out, or sleep, is such a good ritual bath. All you need is a little meditation, powerful words, and feel how the water gets rid of all that stress. Of course, nothing else muct be on your mind, and if you want to take it farther, buy a special scented soap, that will add magickal intent.

6-Do you wait for your kids at school? Come on, thinking is meditating, be grateful, even if you are not waving your arms around embracing energies, you can ground in any position, even legs crossed sitting in an office chair. All that stress, just breath in and out, you have the power, you have the tactics, use them. It doesn have to be so complicated. You can be centering at the gym, believe me whats better magical energy than excersice? At a restaurant feel the food as the earth nurishes you. At the mall, at school (during those boring long lectures, come on, you go to outer space from time to time), driving, listening to music (set the mood in any place with some meaninful spiritual music).

7-It doesnt have to be more than a two minute daily affirmation. -Blessed be the night that hugged my sleep, and spared me with its energies. Blessed Sun that rises, guide my steps, and let your power rule me. Grand Gods of the day, take my love as offering. And that all good be today, dont leave my side, and guide me.  
Thats all you are off, say it with the intention. If you dont have time in the morning you can do it as you lunch, or before you got to sleep.

  Be creative, time is money, but time can also be made magickal, it doesnt take much time. There are so many simple spells, it takes up visualization, imagination, will and power. Just because it wasnt long doesnt mean its was lowsy, lowsy is what you think it is. So cheer up, we have to get accustomed to our circumstances, and make the best of them. The Gods understand, remember that. Keep your word, and use and grow, magic is what you create out of life.
  The demands of today are stressful and time taking, but not prisoning.