Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden
Great Moon Mother of the world. Bless this space with thy silver light.

Quote of the Week

I am not detachment nor salvation,

Nor anything reached by the senses;

I am behold all thought and form.

I am everywhere, and nowhere at all-

I am Consciousness and Bliss.

I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

- Shankaracharya

Nov 12, 2010

Wicca 3

III, Quick Chakra Tutorial

Chakras, although not originally taught in Basic Wicca, are a very useful tool found within our bodies that can help us achieve a better state of spirituality, and so I include them, This is why:
-An understanding of them, will help you know yourself and your body.
-You will be able to have a better control of your body, mind,
-You will become familiar with power spots of your body, that you use every day. And that will serve you as guides in magickal and spiritual workings.
-It will facilitate grounding, centering and meditation, amongst other things.

The body has seven major chakras: Chakras are psychic centers of the body, they are a link and energy transformer.
They are able to change pure energy into different forms, thus connecting our whole body (like a sistem of intertwinning roads).

Scientifically speaking, these sites are located along the nerves of our body.

"Chakra Locations"

I had priorly asked you to draw the human body, and the chakra sites, here is why.

1st Root Chakra-

Located at the base of the spine, related to the element of earth, it's function is survival and grounding, and providing a sense of wellness and stability. It is a bright shade of red.

For grounding, focusing, and centering, chant "oown" to reach attunement.

2nd Sacral Chakra-

Located just behind the genital area, or genitals. Dominated by the water element, governing sex activity, urges and desires (no kidding!), Related to psychic taste, normally depicted in a clear orange shade.

Chant: OWN

3rd Solar Plexus-

Located at the naval (umbilicus/ belly button -.-), governs personal power, self esteem, extasis, and material desire. Corresponds to emotions and the element of fire, and psychic sight or clairvoyance. Its color is bright yellow.
Chant: Acun

4th Heart Chakra-

Located over the heart, corresponding to psychic touch, some call this spot "the sacred heart". The true source of senses and pain, linked with the ability of love giving and receiving. Can be pictured as bright pink or green (at times both).

Chant: Ah

5th Throat Chakra-

Located at the base of the throat, corresponding to psychic hearing (clairaudience). Connected with the heart chakra, concerning planetary connexions. Peace, universal love, and compassion; truth and communication. Addictive substances interfere with the opening of this chakra . Light shade of blue.

Chant: elun

6th Third Eye-

Between the eyebrows, it seats all creativity, visualization capabilities, and is the center of psychic powers. Meditation on this chakra can help cure nervousness. Transparent indigo blue color.
Chant: eem

7th Crown Chakra-

Located at the top of the head, corresponds to astral projection , cosmic conscience, spiritual centers, enlightenment. Violet or white color.

(numbering from head to toes) Label Chakras in your picture. (When you have done so notify me, so I am sure you have not been skipping over the class).

2.Third Eye
5.Solar Plexus

I hope any questions or misconceptions can be clarified, just reply to the post of message me privately, I would like a good debate because this topic is important, I wouldn't like to see any one left behind.

I hope now you see why it is important to know chakras. Later on you will see it mentioned in many things like meditations, cleansings, even readings!
Many of you have psychic abilities, when you cast a spell you will see that focusing on a specific chakras will give you a magickal boost.

Clairvoyants can open their Solar Plex to strenghten their intuitions, the list goes on, there is just that much you can do, and so much more.

Understanding that energy is everywhere and in everything. It cannot be created or destroyed, just passed on. This knowledge will make you more aware of your surroundings.

Why does our stomach fire up when we feel jealous? Why does visualizing take place in the Third Eye?

Chakras, energy, our body is full of it. When we are angry, sad, happy. When we touch someone or something.

Being able to understand these energies is one of the major lessons of Wicca. It will only make your magick true, and further your understanding of life.

Remember from now on, recognize the energies.


Memorize (practice) the locations of the seven most used chakras. I did not mention this before, but there are other chakra sub levels you might call them like this; examples of such are your palms; you will discover them later on in your practice, for now learn these main one's.

Meditate, simply close your eyes, sit in your meditating position, simply think. Think/ meditate only about each of these power spots, and how you use, and feel them in life. Think about the powers they will grant you when you work your magick. Become familiar with them, know yourself, open your spots and discover a feeling unlike you have felt before, this is your first step in opening up your forgotten chakras. Use the chants provided to open them, if you can't feel anything, perfect; practice makes perfect.

This week you will dedicate AT LEAST, 5 minutes of meditation time to a chakra. There are seven days, and seven Chakras ahead of you.

1. In your hoard, you will label your chakras drawing, writting down the chakra name and characteristics. After each meditation record your experience, and you will share them with me.