Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden
Great Moon Mother of the world. Bless this space with thy silver light.

Quote of the Week

I am not detachment nor salvation,

Nor anything reached by the senses;

I am behold all thought and form.

I am everywhere, and nowhere at all-

I am Consciousness and Bliss.

I am Shiva! I am Shiva!

- Shankaracharya

Nov 12, 2010

Wicca 2

What Wicca can Teach us. (You).

Now we are beginning the path of the wiccae, this means you are embracing new knowledge.

The following are other basic characteristics, to which you must become familiar with in order to be wiccan. These are some of the things Wicca teaches, it is some of the things you will deal with and experience in your practice, and will partake in many of your beliefs.

-Achieving a State of ritual consciousness by the use of some of the following tools:









You will find yourself using not just one, but mainly all of these tools in a pagan religion. Later on you will learn the importance all of the above hold in ritual life, magick, and day to day pagan living. All of the mentioned are achieved with the utilization and help of this list.

Wicca teaches, that nature includes a large spectrum of mental and spiritual states, that many of us ignore are real, and existent.

When performing an effective wiccan ritual we slip into these states allowing communication with Goddess, and God.

As a wiccan you will learn that knowledge is a very important part of our spiritual and physical life; wicca is the search of knowledge and understanding in the sactred (nature, and it's many manifestations).

-Expanding Your Knowledge.

1.Knowledge is power

2.Understand the Universe

3.Understand our place within everything



Because Wicca is such a personal religion many people are able to practice beliefs and express them in different form; this is the reason why wicca is so diverse, and does not have a specific way for each of it's devotees. Nevertheless, though wicca is free, there is a list of wiccan common beliefs, that are characteristic, and unbendable (one might say) to it's practices, and to which all practitioners adhere. Every Wiccan must know these, because they will become your mind as a wiccan.

1.Recognizes Deity as dual

2.Physical World is one of many other real ones (other planes).

3.Embraces the doctrine of reencarnation (or a Summerland/ not every wiccan believes in this, but they do not believe in an eternal condemnation or hell).

4."Do what you want, as long as you harm none" (we will have a whole one class about this one sentence).

5.Preserving and Bettering the world.

6.The Sacredness and honor of Nature.

7.View magic as natural and not supernatural. (Wiccans don't believe in the supernatural, because everything exists in nature, thus there cannot be something over the top, they are all natural manifestations).

8.Do not believe in Predestination.

9.Don't believe in ultimate evil, or Satan. (Wiccans acknowledge duality, this means that all dieties, have their good and bad sides, but unlike many popular religions, pagans, do not repremend this, but look at it as a natural and good quality; there is no evil being that causes people to sin, in wicca there is NO sin, wicca does not believe in Satan or the Devil).

10.Free Will (everyone is free to do what they want)

11. Wicca does not seek new members (this means, zero looking for people. Christianity (as an example) seeks for new people, wicca does not, because we understand not everyone is fit to follow wicca, just as not everyone is fit to follow christianity; wicca as a religion is not looking for followers, it just expects it's people to grow).

You will find out, later on, that the variety of Wiccan branches have a set of beliefs appart from the one's I mentioned above. As a matter of fact, many surpass the list above. Everything here is pure Wicca, the rest is optional.

There are so many other things Wicca can teach you, these are just some to get you properly acquainted. When you begin to practice on your own, you will see what wicca can and will teach you, everyone has similar and different experiences.

1. Copy the key points, and any other words, that you didn't understand or you found most appealing to you. (Yes I know copying is a lot of work, but remember in the long run it will pay-off. The notes in your hoard will serve as future and present guides, through your studies.


Though many people would not include this in beginner's Wicca, I will, because I would have liked to have understood the following, when I was learning.

2.In your magick hoard (journal), you will draw a human body and it's chakras. Many images will pop up in Google (I reckon you'll be looking it up there), yes you can copy, please do not print it (save a tree); label them, but do not fill any information on each one. Chakras will be touched next week in class. During this week learn the position of each chakra using your body as a reference, do not do this and you will certainly fall behind. You will see how helpful this will be in your wiccan life.

3.Vocabulary (define the following words).